your profound moments

Being in love is one of the most significant things about this life. I want to preserve your season and capture every intimate detail the way you deserve. For me, it's about your entire experience, from the day you inquire with me, to the day I send your final wedding or session gallery.

In that experience, I create prompts rather than poses to make you comfortable in front of my camera. I edit with a style that is bright, timeless, and filmy to compliment the emotion in your photos that you will be able to FEEL and cherish for years to come. This is your moment to allow your heart to be fully free + celebrate your season of life in a profound way. It’s a time to be present, connected, + intimate. In your experience, I am here to serve you and love on you with intentionality. I will capture your passionate, raw moments - the slow, wild, tender, + whimsical. The depth and significance of your day will be etched into your gallery in a way that tells a beautiful story.

From beginning to end, I curate an experience that is centered around you, your personality, your wishes, and so much more. I want your day to be the dream that you've been envisioning for years, and to capture it vividly and artistically the way you deserve. 

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our time together

Stop here for a second. I want to take your WORRY away. If there is one thing I know to be true, it is that most couples feel like they are not great in front of a camera and need to be posed in order to get good photos. 

I am here to tell you, it's a myth. You actually don't need to be posed at all to be comfortable. Poses often feel UNCOMFORTABLE. So, I use prompts to get those authentic laughs and sweet kisses. I let you guys go on your own little date - walk, chat, laugh, hangout - it's all about capturing who you really are as a couple. And don't worry, I like to fill awkward moments with silly dad (mom??) jokes to make you laugh, and silly, child-like dance moves to get you to let loose. It will seriously be so much fun! My heart is for our time together to be filled with JOY.

From your engagement session to your wedding day, it's an experience curated to YOUR needs. And I am here to document the real, in-between moments so that your gallery tells a beautiful, detailed story. Just be yourselves, and I will guide you through it. It's going to be the sweetest journey.

your experience matters.

Let's book your special day! Head to my “book me!” tab and fill out my contact form, ask any questions, and tell me all about your dream wedding or elopement! I'll send my investment guide to you, and we can create a custom package for your needs.

So, what is an adventure session? You can use it for an engagement session, day before or after session, or anniversary session if it is part of your package! I will send over a guide with outfit inspiration and we can plan your dream session. Want to go to the beach, re-create your first date, go out on the lake, or go rock climbing? I'm down for an adventure.

During your wedding planning journey, I love to hang out with you and use this time to plan our adventures together. And I just want to hear all about how life’s treating you and your future husband! If at any point you want to jump on a zoom call and chat, I am here for you. I create a photo timeline based on a questionnaire you will fill out for me about 2 months before the big day. After this, you just update me on any changes relative to our timeline!

IT’S FINALLY HERE! All the planning you have done is going to fall into place. We are going to have so much fun embracing every single moment that you have planned. The day will be so relaxing, fun, and YOU! I will document your love story in a way that captures each significant moment, the breathtaking views, and your inherent love for each other. I love less "posed," more "prompted" special moments on your big day. It will be so perfect.

Within 72 hours, you will have a sneak peek gallery with the biggest moments of your day! You’re going to cry tears of joy when you see all the tangible moments. And you’re not even going to be able to resist posting on social media for everyone to see. 4-8 weeks later, you will receive your full, story filled gallery from the beautiful day that you two created.

I am here to be your friend forever. I will keep up with you and your life on social media, text you for coffee, anything you are down for. And I will forever be here to capture each moment between you two! No matter what stage of life you’re in, how many kids you have, or what moment you’re celebrating, I am here to celebrate with you! I hope to be your personal photographer for a lifetime of memories.


The experience that I give all my brides is so important to me! I love being able to love on and serve my brides in such a special way. 

This is such a big day for you, and from the beginning, I make sure to craft an experience that genuinely takes away the anxiety that sometimes surrounds wedding planning and photos. 

Something about me is that I planned my entire wedding day on MY OWN! And I loved every minute of it. This means I can help you in any area of wedding planning, and hopefully help lift the burden that it can sometimes be. I am here for you, friend! 

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the experience


Alright, friend. Here is the truth. Your time is VALUABLE. Planning a wedding while working, being a friend, a daughter, a fiancé - it's all so time consuming. That is why I want to lay it ALL out for you. I want to give you freedom in knowing exactly what you get before even inquiring with me, simply because I know that your time and money is so valuable. 

Investment details

First, please know that I understand where you are. I know that planning a wedding can be extremely costly. And whether you are stressed or not, it is one of the most expensive days of your life. With that, you deserve a photographer who will bring SO much to your wedding day. And that is what I do. I am here to SERVE you in any way I can. I don't want to just show up and take photos. You deserve SO much more. 

With me, I prioritize your desires, your needs, your time, your energy, and your experience. Every ounce of my energy and love is poured into your day from the very first day that you inquire with me. I am going to respond quickly and answer questions thoroughly. I will provide guides and deep information on your engagement session, bridal session, timeline, and wedding. I will help with planning if needed, provide a recommended vendors list, give a quick gallery turn around time. Ultimately, I just want to leave you with complete peace in knowing that you have the best photographer you could have asked for, and that your investment was very well spent.

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*Included in all experiences : 
- 7-10 (depends on package) hours of Wedding Photography Coverage
- A welcome gift
- custom timeline
- Bridal guide : Info on PLanning, Engagement session, outfits, vendors, etc.
- Engagement Session
- Online Image Gallery of all best High Resolution images and Print release
- Polaroids of your Day Delivered at the end of the night

*Included in Select Packages : 
- Rehearsal night coverage
- Bridal Session
- USB with all images
- boudoir session
- second photographer
- Behind the Scenes iphone video moments



$3,797 - $6,997

*Included in all experiences : 
- 45 minutes - 1.5 hours (DEPENDS ON PACKAGE) of Coverage
- a location guide
- planning guide : info on our time together, ways to make your session unique & very you, preparing, etc.
- Online Image Gallery of all best High Resolution images and Print release

*Included in Select Packages : 
- polaroids of your session
- Behind the Scenes iphone video moments



$357 - $529

*Included in all experiences : 
- 3-8 (depends on package) hours of Photography Coverage
- A welcome gift
- custom relaxed timeline
- Online Image Gallery of all best High Resolution images and Print release
- Polaroids of your Day Delivered at the end of the day

*Included in Select Packages : 
- small wedding / elopement BRidal Guide ; info on destinations, creating timelines, vendors, etc.
- USB with all images
- second photographer
- Behind the Scenes iphone video moments


micro weddings & elopements

$1,597 - $2,497

unscripted moments captured artfully.

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