THIS PROPOSAL WAS EVERYTHING!!! Last Sunday, I had the privilege of being able to capture the sweetest moment of Noah + Hailey’s life, yet. Noah texted me a few weeks ago telling me all about his sweet plan to propose to his girlfriend. He was so invested in every detail of their day and was so excited to be able to ask his girl to marry him.


On Sunday, I showed up to Hailey’s beautiful home and found the stunning pinterest-worthy set-up you will see below. It was MAGICAL. Seriously. The greenery falling from the beautiful arch, the ring sitting in its box on the hanging shelf, the book he had made for her sitting next to a comfy pillow backrest – HOLY MOLY! Could it get any more dreamy?! The details and thought that he put into this whimsical, backyard proposal was the absolute sweetest thing ever.

Noah brought Hailey to his sweet set-up with her eyes closed. She was crying before she even opened her eyes because she was so emotional over what was happening. She uncovered her eyes and let out so many happy tears.  She was in pure awe over what was happening. Noah got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. (He asked me later if I noticed he could barely get any words out because he was so emotional and caught in the moment). I didn’t notice, but I think it was the sweetest thing in the world. They hugged and kissed over and over and continued to weep in awe of what just happened. Hailey was so shocked and her reaction was so raw and beautiful.


Mom and dad came running out, not long after, with champagne to celebrate. It was the absolute sweetest proposal I have ever been able to photograph! Afterward, we took some beautiful engagement pictures of the two of them. I could see the love and excitement in both their eyes, and Hailey was still in shock when I left them. Their proposal was absolutely PERFECT. I am so excited to be able to finally share all of the images from their very special engagement! You won’t regret scrolling all the way to the end!

Noah + Hailey,

Thank you guys so much for allowing me to be a part of the most special day! Noah, your excitement leading up to the proposal was so incredible to hear and I am so pumped that your girl said YES! Hailey, your reaction was so authentically beautiful and my heart is still melting over you two as we speak!! I know that y’all are going to be so blessed over the next couple of months planning your wedding. Soak up every moment leading up to that day, because it FLIES! Trust me! Grow together, learn together, and lean on each other! Y’all are going to have the best wedding day! I just know it. I am praying over you guys as you step into this new season, and I am so incredibly happy for y’all!


Kaitlin <3

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