I AM DYING OVER THESE TWO!!!!! Seriously, I can’t even with how flipping GORGEOUS this couple is. First of all, they are madly in love. You can just tell by the smiles on their faces in all their images that they are CRAZY about each other! And boy, am I crazy about them!!!! Mitch + Nicole are so kind-hearted and full of joy. They love to laugh and have fun together and every bit of their love is evident in their photos. Goodness gracious, I cannot believe I get to do this for a living! I am so blessed to be able to love on couples who are literally PERFECT!!!! It fills my heart every. single. time. when I get to third wheel with two amazing people who are in love! Mitch and Nicole were a dream, the sunset was a dream, and everything about their love is a dream!  I am so pumped to be able to share their sweet love story!

Mitch + Nicole,

I am literally dying over how amazing you two are! Y’all are so much fun to hang out with and I seriously feel like I have found forever friends in you two! THANK YOU for allowing me to be a third wheel and follow you around, capturing your giggles and kisses! There is seriously nothing else I would rather do for my job! Thank you for reminding me why I love what I do, and for giving me INCREDIBLE images to share! Y’all are rockstars and I just know that y’all are going to rock marriage! I am rooting for you two and cannot wait to get you behind my camera again on your wedding day! EEEEK! Love you guys!



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