HOLY FIRE THESE TWO ARE IN LOVE! Bobby + Courtney are two of my absolute besties and I had so much fun running around the top of a parking garage with them. Bobby and Courtney just celebrated TWO years together, say what?! These two have known each other – and been super flirty with each other – since they were in high school. Courtney always says it’s 2-maybe-6 years, since technically they’ve crushed on each other for so long! They’re hearts are purely radiant with love for each other and it is so evident when you are around them. They put a smile on each other’s faces like no one else can. I seriously love these two so dang much and I am so PUMPED to share their images with you!

Bobby + Courtney,

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for letting me capture this sweet season in your life. Dating is seriously so much fun and challenging at times, and I am so honored to be able to capture the moments that you will cherish the rest of your lives. Before you know it, maybe there will be a ring on that finger, Court???? What do ya say Bob?! Haha, you two are my absolute favorite and Hunter and I couldn’t do life without you. Happy two years, sweet friends!!! Here’s to 435235 more <3



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