Ohhhh girl. You have made it to the top tips I have got for wedding planning and I am so PUMPED to share allllll about them. This wedding planning series is going to help you step-by-step learn how you can plan your own wedding – with or without help. I planned my entire wedding on my own and loved every minute of it. I want YOU to be able to plan your wedding in the most creative way possible with a whole lot of excitement and ZERO stress. This is all about YOU, sweet bride!

Wedding Planning Tools

There are so many resources that you can use to help plan your wedding. When I was planning, I wanted to do everything on my own – no planner. Yep, totally skipped that part because I wanted it allll to myself. Wedding planning isn’t for everyone, though. Hiring a planner can make your journey a million times easier. However, if you are anything like me, planning is one of your favorite things! Or maybe you want to save money on that part of your wedding. Either way, let’s plan this thing!!!

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So, tools for wedding planning. What the heck am I talking about?

I am talking about the online resources that you need in order to feel like you know what you’re doing. In short, an online wedding to-do checklist! Some of these tools are Zola, WeddingWire, and The Knot!

Today, we are going to talk a heck of a lot about Zola! Zola is the one stop shop for ALL things wedding planning. I used Zola when I was planning my wedding and I was totally obsessed with it. Zola is known for multiple things that you need for your wedding.

The first thing that Zola offers is the ability to register! You can register everything you need – vacuums, kitchen utensils, house decor – you name it, they offer it. You can literally register from your couch for all the perfect household items and it’s all in one place for your wedding guests to purchase from. I personally didn’t use their registry because I really wanted to register for things with my husband in person at Bed Bath and Beyond, and also online at Target and Amazon. But I still love that they offer this and think it’s an amazing offering!

The second thing they offer is a wedding website! This was one of my favorite parts because I love creating websites and writing all about Hunter and I. I was so excited to show off our photos and write about our love story and using Zola’s wedding website creator was so user friendly! I LOVED it. See our wedding website HERE!

The third thing the Zola offers is Paper and Invites! Any type of paper that you need – invitations, programs, save the dates, etc. – you can order from Zola! I love that they offer this because it is so convenient for brides to find everything in one place!

The fourth thing they offer is their wedding boutique!!! SAY WHHATTT! Yes! They have a full on boutique where you can get literally ANYTHING from white dresses for your showers, to favors, to bridesmaid dresses, to decorations, literally everything. They did not have this when I used it and I SO wish they had. I love that they offer this for brides to make their lives a million times easier!

The fifth (and my favorite) thing that they offer is a FULL planning dashboard. They have a checklist that tells you when you need to do tasks such as book your caterer, send save the dates, schedule cake tastings, etc. IT guides you through your entire wedding planning process and allows you to customize it any way you need! They also offer the ability to house your guest list there. You can send a link to your guests and THEY fill out their name, address, email, etc. Talk about a weight lifted off your shoulders! And there is seriously SO much more that they allow you to do. You cannot go wrong with using Zola, I swear!

Are there others?

Yes! There are other wedding planning tools out there that will probably also rock your world, I just personally used Zola and am ever loyal. Two others that I know of are The Knot and WeddingWire. Both of these offer similar experiences and tools that will help you plan the wedding of your dreams! My advice is to look at all three (or more if you want to Google more) and find the one that best suits YOU! I want your wedding planning journey to be as stress-free as possible and you deserve the most incredible experience. Find a tool that works for you and run with it! I promise you will not regret it!

Wedding planning is SO much fun when you enjoy it. I sure did. Thanks to Zola, I was stress-free about wedding planning and so DANG EXCITED the whole time. I am so glad I got to share about this with you. You are going to be a STUNNING bride. 😉

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