The moment that she opened the door to walk to her almost husband, it was quiet. The birds were chirping, faint music playing, family waiting for that special moment. Without even taking her first step out of the door, Abbey’s eyes filled with tears. Her hand drew immediately to her face with deep emotion. Her tears caught everyone in a trance, and time stopped with her elegant movement. The tears continued to fall as she carefully made her way down the stairs to stand by her groom. He took her hand and her emotions were running wild. It was like it was only Abbey and Tyler in that moment. No one else.

WOW WOW WOW. Guys, I literally could literally go on and on with special moments from Tyler and Abbey’s wedding day. It was STUNNING, elegant, and so simple. These two planned an elopement on a whim at what was supposed to be Abbey’s bridal session, and I am SO glad they did. There is just something so sweet about an intimate ceremony with only family that brings the emotion to another level. Abbey looked STUNNING in her dress and they both WOW’d me with their sweet love for each other. I am so excited to be able to share a glimpse of their special day with you!

Tyler + Abbey,

THANK YOU for allowing me to capture the best day of your life. I love the spontaneity that you two have and I am overly obsessed with the way you show each other love. Your ceremony was so beautiful and your passion for each other was so radiant. I can only imagine how the Lord will bless you two in your marriage! As always, I am praying for and love you guys so DANG MUCH!



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