As she approached the beautiful chair for their letter reading, she knew she was going to be emotional. She sat down, grabbed his hand, and was filled with an overwhelming, emotional joy. As she read his letter to her, her eyes filled with tears and the joy radiated from her smile. It was a moment that reminded them why they were going to spend forever together. She wiped her tears, held his hand, and sat there, freezing the moment to remember it forever. It was only moments before she would walk down the aisle and say “I do.”


WHEW!!!! Luke and Cameren blew me away with such an emotional, beautiful wedding day. The two of them are so evidently in love and I absolutely loved being able to watch them focus on each other while drowning out the noise around them. They are the most perfect couple and I know that their love is just going to continue to grow exponentially through the years.

Luke + Cameren,

Thank you for being you. You guys were the most joyful, fun souls and I absolutely loved capturing everything from your engagement, to your bridals, to the most special day. You two have something so unique and I know you are going to be so incredibly blessed in your marriage. I am forever praying for you guys and I am so grateful for the friendship we created during this special time in your lives! I love you guys!!



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