Talk about a beautiful bride with a STUNNING backdrop. Mary is absolutely one of the most beautiful brides, inside and out! As I have gotten to know her, I have learned that she is soft spoken, kindhearted, and loves to laugh. Her sweet personality draws you in and I swear there is no one that could ever not like her! I had so much fun watching her model her beautiful dress on the mountaintop! Everything about this session screams HER and you can see her joy in every single image.

Her bridal session was at The Cliffs at Glassy Chapel in the greater area of Greenville, SC. The chapel itself is beautifully elegant but that mountain view.. good GRIEF! Her session was absolutely perfect and I am so excited to share her photos with you!


Thank you SO much for choosing me to capture your beauty! I am so honored to be your’s and Tyler’s photographer and I am obsessed with you two!! He is so lucky to have someone as beautiful on the inside and out, as you! You are RADIANT and I could seriously take photos of you every day if I could! I know you’re already an amazing wife to Tyler! Love you, friend <3



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