He turned to face the preacher. The piano playing a soft melody in the background. Birds chirping. A breeze blowing. He had been waiting for this moment for so long. As her dad carefully escorted her down the aisle, he turned. Slowly, he caught a glimpse of her beauty. She was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. Tears. Tears, rolling down her face and his. Tears, rolling down their family’s faces. In that quiet, soft moment, time stood still. The moment they’d been waiting for had finally come. He took her in his hands and just knew, she was his forever.

Oh my goshhhhh! Braden and Jillian’s wedding was nothing short of PERFECT! We had so much sunshine up until right after their ceremony whennnnn BOOM… the bottom fell out of the sky and we got soaked. But we were still able to capture the most amazing photos during the breaks in the rain. They had a solid white backdrop that made their images pop and they are so dang beautiful. Seriously, these two are so in love and I love them so much! I am so pumped to share their gallery with you!!

Braden + Jillian,

Thank you SO much for allowing me to chase you two around on your wedding day. Getting to know your love story has been one of my favorite things and I believe in the love you guys have! Your day was so filled with Jesus and I know he is going to bless your marriage so well. I wish you guys 10000000 of the best years together and love you so much!!!



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