Since I was a kid, I always dreamed of traveling all over the world. I am the type of person that is obsessed with the stars, the mountains, ya know, anything related to God’s creation. I love seeing the beauty in nature and I have always LOVED seeing it in other parts of the world. I specifically remember a trip I took in middle school. I was in Tennessee with my family and the mountains blew me away. I was so overly obsessed with them that I swore I would live in Tennessee on a mountain one day. It’s funny how everything seems so much bigger as a kid. I have been to Tennessee many times since then, and it is hardly the best place in the world. Ha! Throughout college, I was REALLY obsessed with wanting to see the world. I went on a mission trip to South Dakota on a church bus and we drove through probably 10 states on our way there. I had moments where I was blown away by the views that each state had. Being out of South Carolina and driving through so many other states, I realized that not everywhere has tons of woods, greenery, and more woods. We traveled through places where you could see for MILES. The trees looked different. The fields looked different. I was obsessed. While I was in South Dakota, I visited Badlands National Park and suddenly, my heart was set on fire. I had never seen anything like it – it was the coolest thing I had ever seen.


Since then, my husband and I have traveled to MULTIPLE states and countries. Since day one of dating, we’ve been obsessed with planning places to go, taking trips everywhere. My favorite moments with him are spent when we’re in a different state, country, etc. because it’s the thing we love to do together. There’s just something about spending intentional time with each other, experiencing different cultures, laying on different beaches, trying new restaurants, and taking in all the views and people God created. Not only that, I feel my most free when visiting other places. Flying on airplanes is actually so fun to me, mostly when I have a window seat. I am that girl that stares out the window for most of the flight unless I am sleeping. I mean, have you ever seen the view from up there!? How could you NOT? I truly believe the Lord has set a passion to travel in my heart not only to see his beautiful creation, but also to serve my brides and grooms at their favorite destinations. My passport is forever ready to go wherever my heart and brides desire. So, wherever you are getting married – Greece, Italy, Morocco, the US – I am going to be there to capture your wedding day. We can spend days hiking, scouting locations, finding the coolest views, and taking the most INCREDIBLE images you have ever seen. Hunter and I are about to be your new best travel buddies!! So, let’s get to packing and head for the other side of the world!!!

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