5 Tips For Your Engagement Session

“I have no idea what to wear, where to go, or what to do for my engagement session!”

Okay, friend. I get it. Engagement sessions can be intimidating. You want it to be perfect and showcase your love, but you have no idea where to start with planning it. You’re not alone!! Usually whenever I have someone wanting to book their engagement session, they have NO idea when, where, or how they want to do it. Most come with a “maybe in a field somewhere” mindset. 

While I LOVE a good lovers-in-a-field vibe, I also love when couples add their own spiceeeee to their session!

5 things to consider for the perfect engagement session :

  • Location : Are you a city girl? Do you love the mountains? Farm girl? Travel girl? What view do you love more than anything and want in your photos!? Choose the setting that you would find yourself being the most comfortable in!
  • Time of year : Everyone has a time they thrive. Whether you’re a winter, spring, summer, or fall girl, you want your photos to carry that vibe through the colors, your outfit, the view, and the joy of the season. Stick to your favorite, and consider your man because they tend to hate sweating! 
  • Outfit : If you love color, neutrals, or you’re somewhere in between, I always recommend to dress the most YOU. But keep in mind that if you want timeless photos, neutral or muted tones are the way to go. A little color doesn’t hurt though. Just keep it in mind as you and your fiancé figure out what to wear. Additionally, don’t be too “matchy matchy.” Color coordinate with a color palette, rather than wearing the exact same colors. If you want some inspiration, click this link for my session outfit vision board!
  • Your relationship : Huh??…What I mean is what you love to do together matters. If you feel that photos with a pretty landscape may not be an enough or you’ll feel awkward, do something you love! Re-create your first date, have a pizza picnic, drive the boat around the lake, go biking! This makes the photos more documentary, more you, and less intimidating. I’ll follow you wherever you go – I am down to make the crazy things happen!!
  • Remember that it’s about you & your fiancé. You’re not just there to pose for a photographer. You’re there to enjoy each other’s company, make each other laugh, dance to some music, and make it a date. It doesn’t have to feel stiff and weird. Make it YOU, and it’ll be the most fun you’ve ever had🫶🏼

Your perfect photos come through authenticity and big love for each other. I’m just here to capture those feelings and make art out of them. Get creative and make it something that you and your fiancé love and I promise it will be such a fun, comfortable, exciting session!

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