These two fell in love at a summer camp at Garden City Chapel where they both worked and have been falling more deeply ever since. Emily is a joy to be around, full of laughter, authenticity, kindness, and a zest for life. Noah is nothing short of a respectful, kind, Godly man who is sure to make everyone, especially Emily, laugh. Their day was filled with all the characteristics that their love encompasses. Love, joy, and happiness were in the air and we were surrounded by the spirit of Jesus all day long. These two have such a special relationship and the day spent with Noah and Emily was nothing short of incredible. These two radiated authentic love all day long and I am so thankful that I got to be a small part of their day!

They got married where they met, at Garden City Chapel, just off the beach. We had so much fun at sunset with their photos on the beach and it was the most perfect day. I am so excited to get to share a little bit of their special day with you!

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