Holy Moly. 2020 is here (and like a month is almost over…WHAT?!). I am so PUMPED for this year. I spent the end of 2019 writing and praying over my business plan for 2020 and boy, was it exciting. I started writing back in October because I knew I wanted 2020 to be BIG. The Lord’s work in my business was so evident last year and I am so overwhelmed by the love He poured out over me and my clients.

2020 is going to be another year of growth, love, and excitement. Not only that, I am putting my ALL into this journey. My heart is in a place where I know that the Lord has called me to serve Brides + Grooms, along with all the other fun moments there are to capture. I have prayed over this year, my couples, and all the clients I will get to meet and love on. I have prayed for intentionality, transparency, and consistency. I have prayed over my personal well-being and being able to stay on top of things in my personal life while (currently) working two full-time jobs – my favorite one being photography. Prayer is my favorite thing because I get to put full faith in the Lord and literally have no worries.

This year, you are going to see my face, hear my voice, and watch me make a fool of myself a lot more than you have before. I want you guys to get to know me and love me for who I am. And I am weird and cool so…


PIZZA. I told you that you were going to get to know me! Each month this year, I am going to be filling your feed with all the fun facts about me. Who doesn’t want a photographer who’s obsessed with the same things they are?! So here we go!

january facts: i am obsessed with pizza.

But not just any pizza. Ya see, I am gluten-free. Obviously not by choice. Who would choose to not eat bread and cake and pasta and.. you get the point. No. I am obsessed with Papa John’s Gluten Free Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Pizza. Try saying that 5 times fast. No really, I get tongue-tied if I ever order in person, so I’m an order-online-delivery kind of girl. This is the only pizza I will eat from there and it’s my go to HOLY GRAIL. Don’t tell me pineapple doesn’t go on pizza hunnnyyy because it GOES on this one.

So, if you ever feel like sending your photog a gift, I like Papa John’s gift cards <3



2020 is going to be an AMAZING year and I hope you fully enjoy each and every weird, fun fact that I share with you this year. So if I’m going to be raw and authentic, here is confession #1: I will be eating my holy grail pizza at least once every few weeks while editing.

What’s your favorite pizza?! Do you even like pizza (do these people exist?)? Comment below and share your favorite!

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