Downtown Anderson, SC Engagement

Tyler + Abbey.

My goodness do they love each other. I have known Abbey since I was a kid and, fun fact, we have the same birthday! She is a genuine, loving person who radiates pure joy! Watching her pour out her love on Tyler during their engagement session was so amazing. And we can’t forget Tyler! This super cool football player has a soft side that was so fun to get to know! As I captured their moments, Tyler made Abbey laugh and loved on her with his bear hugs and sweet kisses. Being able to capture their love and the giddiness that’s running through both of them brought me so much JOY.

Tyler + Abbey,

Your wedding day is going to be SO beautiful, I just know it. The way you two look at each other and make each other laugh is exhilarating, and I can’t wait to see how much MORE you grow to love each other during your engagement! I am a huge fan of the two of you and I believe the Lord will bless you guys immensely! Thank you for being so much fun and allowing me to be a small part of your journey to marriage! I love you guys and you are always prayed for! Next stop, WEDDING DAY!



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