As she walked down the aisle, he wiped his tears and smiled in awe. You could hear a pin drop. The music was playing softly and he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She came down the aisle with an incredible grin on her face. It was the first time they had seen each other all day. The first moment of the rest of their lives. He watched her walk in her beautiful, crepe styled dress. The sleeves were lace and her hair in an elegant bun. It was like he had seen her for the first time. He was finally able to take her hands into his, just grinning with the thought that she was his forever. They never took their eyes off of each other, smiling from ear to ear. They kissed and celebrated, walking back down the aisle to their forever.

Oh my goodness, Jonathan and Brittni’s wedding was an incredibly beautiful ceremony. They had a small, intimate wedding at Rock Quarry Garden in Greenville that had that “love in the air” feeling. Jonathan and Brittni have been together for around 8 years, and actually had their wedding date for September of last year. Their date ended up getting pushed back and they decided to do marriage counseling and grow closer to the Lord. They told me that as soon as they were done with marriage counseling, they wanted to go straight to the courthouse! However, they decided on a beautiful backdrop in an intimate setting so that they could have the perfect day spent with the most amazing family and friends. Their February wedding was absolutely beautiful and I am so excited to share a snippet of their incredible day!

Jonathan + Brittni,

Thank you so much for the opportunity to witness your incredible love story. Getting to know you guys and your love for each other was so much fun and I love that the Lord radiates through both of you. I had a blast capturing every moment and I am so excited to have forever friends in you two! I am praying that the Lord continues to bless both of you in your journey of marriage! Love you guys!



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