HOLY FIRE THESE TWO HAVE ME SCREAMING!!!!! Shaun and Maddie are freaking models in front of a camera and I don’t even know how it is possible not to share every single photo that I took! We got a little hot and spicy in their stunning, picturesque home and it is one of my favorite sessions to date.

These two love birds have been besties since kindergarten. They began dating in college and got married two years ago. This is absolute NUTS to me because these two are mine and Hunter’s best friends and it is just unreal that it has been TWO years! Shaun and Maddie have grown to love each other so much deeper in their marriage, and it is truly a reflection of the Lord and his goodness. I can only imagine where he continues to take them in marriage!

Shaun + Maddie,

Thank you guys not only for letting me capture the fire between you two, but also the friendship that we have. I couldn’t imagine this life without knowing you guys and I am so incredibly proud of who you are as people and as a couple. You radiate Jesus in every single way and I am so grateful that you two have each other to walk through life with. I can only imagine how many blessings the Lord is going to rain on you in the next 80 years. Maybe some babies soon, hmmm??? I like the sound of Aunt Kait 😉 LOVE YOU HUMANS!



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