1 year. WHAT!!!!! How on the world has in been a year since the absolute best day of my life? Honestly, it feels like we just got married but at the same time, feels like we’ve been together for SO long. Which, I guess is valid because we’ve technically been together for 6 years.


Marriage has been the best time of my life. I’ve always heard that the first year is the hardest but honestly, it was pretty dang easy in my opinion. I guess I just found the right guy to love me for the rest of my life 😉 Our first year consisted of MANY exciting, fun things. We bought our first house and decorated it all through our first year. I’d say it’s ALMOST done, lol. We took a trip to Mexico to honeymoon for 10 days. We bought a brand new car that we REALLY needed (thanks babe). We got our second puppy child, Flair, that we love so much. We’ve taken many road trips. We have watched many of our friends get married. We spent our first ever Christmas together as a married couple and it was SO much fun to wake up and start new traditions with my hubby. We’ve been to multiple Clemson games, beach trips, concerts, and weird, spontaneous shopping adventures. Hunter graduated with his masters! We discovered our fave date night place – Guy’s Pizza. And it’s just been a dang good time! Seriously, our first year of marriage has been my favorite year with hunter so far.

Our first year also consisted of a LOT of new things like compromise, grace, and humility. Marrying and living with someone new is a total change – one that I’ve absolutely loved. But I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had the “stop moving my stuff,” “you’re annoying,” and my favorite “please stop asking me what’s for dinner” conversations. I will say, Hunter and I both have done an amazing job at showing grace to each other. We’ve grown so much and I love that we can have adult conversations in love, rather than arguing all the time. Although, we do argue over the dumbest things 🤪 but what couple doesn’t?


Hunter is my absolute best friend. He makes me laugh daily. He has the best sense of humor even though I don’t always get it. He has sacrificed for me. He has listened to me yell, rant, and cry about multiple things. He’s held me when things are tough and told me to “dry it up” when he knows I can handle whatever it is. He loves me like Jesus does. He leads me like every man should lead their wives. He helps me around the house without uttering a single complaint. He is the one and only man for me and I am so grateful for his love, grace, sacrifice, strength, willingness, patience, and faithfulness to me + our Father. He’s the best human on the planet and I love him more than life.

Did I mention that he willingly got soaking wet in the rain with me to do our anniversary photos that were supposed to be in the pretty mountainous sunset? He’s pretty freaking amazing.



Thank you for one year (plus the other five) of loving me unconditionally. You are the best husband a girl could ever ask for and I am so grateful that the Lord blessed me with you. I can’t wait for 100 more years by your side. You’re stuck with me 😘 I love you more than life.

xo, kait

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