Ohhhh girl. You have made it to the top tips I have got for wedding planning and I am so PUMPED to share allllll about them. This wedding planning series is going to help you step-by-step learn how you can plan your own wedding – with or without help. I planned my entire wedding on my own and loved every minute of it. I want YOU to be able to plan your wedding in the most creative way possible with a whole lot of excitement and ZERO stress. This is all about YOU, sweet bride!

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Wedding Registry Tips

So, you obviously know a TON of things that need to go on your registry. Everybody registers for kitchen utensils, decor, organizational items, pots and pans, and other necessities. But I want to give you 10 MUST HAVE items that you need on your registry that you might not be sure about!

First, let’s talk about where to register. There are hundreds of places that offer wedding registries! You can register almost anywhere. Here are a few places I recommend: Amazon, Target, Zola, Bed Bath & Beyond, Crate & Barrel, and Wayfair. You can register in person at Target and Bed Bath & Beyond and get allll the necessities – everything from a can opener to your bed sheets. At the others, you can register online and get multiple different items that you either wouldn’t normally find in a store, or that you would rather find a more trendy option. Check all of them out, find your style, and register away!

Now, let’s talk about the 10 MAJOR things you need to register for no matter what!


Girlllll. Especially if you are an animal lover, you NEED this. I use my Roomba every single day to vacuum up all the dog hair because I have two furry puppies and the hair is NEVER ENDING! It makes my life so much easier and I can vacuum with my normal vacuum a lot less. You need this!


I didn’t originally register for these and i WISH I had. About 3 months into marriage we had some wonderful visitors in our pantry. Yep, ants. I had multiple bags of sugar, protein, etc. in the cabinet that were just rolled down and clipped but the ants found their way in. Trust me, it isn’t fun to open your bag of sugar and it be filled with ants. Yikes. I had someone recommend these to me and they are a life saver!! I have them for literally anything that comes in a bag!


This is another thing I wish we had registered for. With a brand new house we had no alarm system and we hated it. We recently bought this for ourselves and I regret not putting it on my registry. I registered for a $400 mixer but didn’t register for a $250 alarm system? What was I thinking? This bad boy has been amazing! We love the camera that comes on the door bell, we love being able to control it from our phones, and it is just so convenient!


Okay, maybe you think I am crazy for putting this on here. Maybe this is a given. Buttttt, I didn’t grow up with a toaster oven. Ya girl grew up with a toaster and I swear I will never use a toaster again. Why do toasters even exist when toaster ovens are the best thing ever? I literally use my toaster oven every day. It is so practical. I work from home, so it’s ESPECIALLY amazing around lunch time when I can throw anything in it. Quesadilla in 3 minutes? Check. Toasted Sandwich in 3 minutes? Check. Homemade Smores in 3 minutes? Check. Yep, it’s the best thing ever and you need one.


A Brita Pitcher is so convenient for filtered water. If you don’t have a water filter built into your refrigerator, this can be extremely convenient when you want filtered water! I personally have both a Brita and a water filter in my fridge and I use both! I think it tastes better and in my personal opinion, drinking filtered water – especially from the faucet, is a lot healthier for you than unfiltered water.


These things are bomb!!! It’s so convenient to have for random things. I use mine for blending random drinks that I put powders in like greens, body bloom (a probiotic powder), collagen peptides in my coffee, etc. It does much better job than just stirring with a spoon and keeps there from being any chunks!! You can also use it for cooking!!


Once again, for the pet lovers out there! You need this vacuum for vacuuming your couch! It will save your life. It is also great for vacuuming quick messes before guests come over. I use mine every single day. Warning though – if you have pets and use it on your couch every day it may wear out fast. We are on our third one but we seriously can’t live without one.


Girlllll. NOW is the time to get some amazing luggage. If you love to travel like I do, you and your hubby need to invest in some luggage that will last! I love having a hard case suitcase because they are more durable and I don’t mind the airport employees throwing it around. It also helps to get a pretty color that stands out so you always know which suitcase is yours when you get off your flight. Let someone buy this for you!! You won’t regret it!! I didn’t link the exact ones I have, but some that I like. Find your faves and REGISTER for it!


Yes my friend, you should ask for gift cards. You can register for them or put a little note on your wedding website or shower invitation that gift cards are appreciated! If you really love the decor at Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, and places like that, request gift cards so you can buy what you want! Some people prefer to give gift cards anyway. So, DEFINITELY request them for your favorite places!


This is the best thing ever, in my opinion. As someone who loves to travel, a really AMAZING honeymoon was one of the #1 things that I wanted when I got married. Let the family and friends pitch in for extra’s on your honeymoon. They can pitch in for excursions, travel, food, etc. If this is really important to you, many registries allow you to add a “honeymoon fund” option on your registry. There is also a registry just for your honeymoon, called Honeyfund, that I linked above. Don’t pass up the opportunity to have extra funds on your honeymoon!!!

There are so many other things you can add to your registry that you probably already have in mind. But I highly recommend registering for these 10 because they will be some of your BEST gifts! Don’t forget to soak in every moment during this season. It flies by.

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