How To Plan A Proposal To The Love Of Your Life


Okay men!!! A proposal is one of the most nerve-wracking, exciting moments you will ever experience. You want it to be perfect, but there are so many moving parts. So, I want to calm your nerves a bit and help you with planning the most special moment of yours and your soon-to-be fiancé’s life.

Let’s talk about how you can plan to propose to the girl you freaking love

The first thing I want to say is that if you are reading this, you’re already on the right track. The best thing you can do is plan well and make her feel so SPECIAL.


01. Ask your girlfriend’s friend for help. I know that you probably don’t want to ask for help, but your girlfriend’s friends know exactly what will make her smile biggest (us girls talk all about proposals and weddings from like 8 years old). So, ask her best friend for help with things you aren’t sure about. Some things you can ask are where to hide the ring, how to plan without her knowing, where is a special place she would love to get engaged, etc. Her best friends no her best after you. So, trust that they can always help!

02. HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER! Your girl has been waiting for this day for who knows how long. Of course, she will always remember the moment, but through the tears, shock, and excitement, there’s a good chance she will forget parts of it. Having a photographer will help her remember all the little and big emotions she felt, and let’s be honest, she’s going to want to share them with the world. I offer a discount on my wedding packages for Groom’s who hired me for their proposals. It is SO worth it!

03. Choose a place or activity that means a lot to both of you. Have a favorite date spot? Do you like hiking, hanging by the lake, a night under city lights, camping, movies?? Choose something that you love to do together as a way to set up the proposal! Then let your photographer or her friends help you make it extra special. 

04. Make sure her nails are done (you can ask her friend to do this with her) and she’s in her best outfit. Meaning, if she likes to dress up usually, make sure she is dressed up! If she’s more casual, make sure she is comfortable in whatever she’s wearing! If she’s the type to be outdoors and chill, let her be in a flattering, chill outfit. She is probably going to “match” whatever type outfit you’ve gone with. So dress for whatever activity you’re planning and she is bound to wear exactly what she would want to be in for the proposal. 

05. Remember that it’s not about being extravagant if that’s not your thing. Just be true to who you are as a couple, say the words that come from your heart, and live in the moment. 

You got this, dude. I believe in you. And if you need a photographer and friend to help you make the most special proposal happen, I am here for you. Just reach out here! Regardless of if you ask her in Hawaii or the local coffee shop, she’s going to love it and you, forever!

View a recent proposal I have had the honor of capturing, here!

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