4 Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer BEFORE Booking Them

Your wedding day will be one of the most special days of your lifeeee! And the best way you’ll have to look back on it will be THE PHOTOS of course. These are the images you will show your grandkids one day. The ones that will hang on your walls and be flipped through in albums for YEARS to come. It is so important to choose the right wedding photographer for YOU.

Who IS the right wedding photographer for me?

Glad you asked. The photography industry is saturated with an unreal number of photographers. All of which have different styles, personalities, and experience. All of which should be taken into consideration as you choose the photographer who is going to give you the DREAM wedding photos you’ve wanted all your life.

With that said, I am going to give you 4 questions that you should ask your photographer as you are booking, outside of considering all the things about who they are as a person.


  • “Can we see a full wedding gallery?” — Photographers usually have beautiful instagram feeds, but do not book them solely because of their beautiful social media content! Ask to see a FULL gallery so you know what to expect. Photographers usually only show the 10-20 best images of galleries that have 300-800 images in them. Ask to see one or more full galleries. And if they won’t show you, that is a red flag. Take a look at how they shoot an entire wedding day to decide if they are the right photographer for you!
  • “How long will it take to receive our gallery and how long will it be available online?” — It’s important to know these details as every photographer is different! Some can get your photos back within 4 weeks, others 12 weeks! It totally depends on their workload + their client experience! Ask this question so that you do not have unrealistic expectations for your gallery delivery.
  • “Do you charge a travel fee for traveling outside a certain radius? If so, what does that look like?” — You may have to pay an extra fee depending on you distance from your photographer, it’s important to know this to plan in advance for additional fees.
  • “What does your client experience look like?” — This is the most important question in my opinion. The experience they give to you is so important. Do they want a friendship with you? Will they make you comfortable? Do they pose or do they prompt? Do they give you guides and advice on how to make your experience with them the best possible? Are they serving you from their heart, or are you just another client? You can usually learn all these things by how they talk to you and explain how they serve you throughout your engagement journey. Be mindful of this, because your experience matters! You are paying your photographer a lot of money to capture the biggest season in your life thus far. It should be WORTH it.

When is comes to your wedding photos, it’s so important to remember that it is an investment. You are investing in someone’s business for them to provide you with services that you want to enjoy. Each photographer is going to give you a different experience. So, keep that in mind as you shop around for your dream photographer. You will be so glad that you asked these questions when you finally find the right photographer for YOU!

If you are curious about the experience I offer my brides, I go into deep detail here. I also provide even more information in my investment guide when you reach out to inquire with me! If you are interested in booking me for your wedding needs, please reach out here!

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